What Is Bikejoring? The Ultimate Guide To Dog Bikejoring

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Do you know what dog bikejoring is? At Neewadogs.com, we're here to teach you about all dog sporting activities!

Bikejoring refers to physical activity for dogs based on the practice of dog mushing or sledding. Bikejoring is like dog mushing, only using bikes, and can be practiced individually or in teams. You can practice bikejoring as often as you like to improve your dog's physical fitness in an activity that stimulates their mind and body, providing better sleep quality and mental health for your dog.

The tools and accessories designed to protect dogs from strong pulls and impacts make bikejoring and other dog sports a cruelty-free activity for you and your dog. Comfortable harnesses can make the dog pull bikejoring an enjoyable activity for your dog. Keep reading for a complete guide to bikejoring from us dog sports enthusiasts at Neewadogs.com!

What Is Bikejoring?

Bikejoring is a dog sport where one dog or multiple dogs run in front of a bike, pulling it forward using bikejoring equipment. Bikejoring is a modern adaptation of traditional sled dog mushing, which involves a group of dogs pulling a sled. When bikejoring, your dogs are attached to mountain bikes with bikejoring lines and a bike attachment. You can do other dog sports with your dog using bikejoring equipment, like skijoring and canicross.

Your dog cannot wear a traditional harness or collar for this, as a special bikejoring harness is required to allow the dog to breathe freely and pull the bike comfortably. Bikejoring lines are also necessary to prevent sharp tugs from causing you or your dog discomfort. 

Bikejoring is safe for both the dog and the owner with the proper equipment, and it can provide an excellent solution for providing exercise for a high-energy dog. Your dog will be more content at home, and you will be able to provide them with a new fun activity!

Bikejoring Definition

Bikejoring is a sporting activity suitable for fit and healthy medium and large dog breeds, to be able to pull a certain amount of weight. Smaller dogs will not be strong enough to get you moving on their own. 

If your dog loves running and has high energy levels, this will indicate that it would do well with bikejoring. You can also do bikejoring with more than one dog to lessen the load, which works especially well if your dogs are on the weaker side. Bikejoring is recommended for dogs between 9 months and 10 years old. Senior dogs and young puppies will struggle to support the weight when pulling the bike.

Is Bikejoring Safe?

Bikejoring is a safer alternative to riding on a bike while your dog runs alongside you. If the dog gets distracted and runs in a different direction, you could be flung from your bike or lose your grip on the leash. If your dog is properly trained, bikejoring can be a safe activity.

Bikejoring is suitable for children of a responsible age, but we recommend that you start your kids off with scooter bikejoring to see how well-equipped they are to give the dog clear commands and steer.

Dog Bikejoring

Dog sports can benefit your furry friend in many ways. Not only is it a cruelty-free practice, but it is also an excellent exercise for you and your dog.

Is Bikejoring Suitable For Dogs?

Bikejoring is suitable for medium and large-sized dogs who are healthy and fit enough to pull a bike. Traditional sled dog mushing and dog sports are great ways to exercise your dog, improve their mental health, and provide them with psychological and physical stimulation. If you start bikejoring with your dog, you will notice that they are less bored at home and more content while you snuggle up with them on the sofa.

You can even enter dog sports competitions with your dog! Just practice the bikejoring race route with your dog, and sign up for the next race! Your dog may just have what it takes to win!

Is Bikejoring Cruelty-Free?

There is some debate about whether dog sports can be considered cruel. However, dog bikejoring is a wholly cruelty-free and fun experience for your dog regarding safety and comfort. So long as you invest in the proper equipment, your dog will be safe and comfortable in its harness and ready to pull the bike along! Bikejoring may be cruel with old dogs, puppies, and dogs with injuries and disabilities, so it is best not to practice bikejoring with senior dogs and young puppies.

How Do You Start Dog Bikejoring?

You can start dog bikejoring by investing in a mushing harness for your dog. Then, you will need to research how to train your dog the necessary commands so that they know when to veer left or right, stop, and go. If you like, you can enlist the help of a professional to get you started with the bikejoring process and perfect your dog's skills for competition.


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Bikejoring Equipment

To get your dog involved in bike dog sports, you will need to invest in bikejoring equipment. You will need a bikejoring line, a bikejoring harness, and some other bikejoring accessories to get started. This section will cover some of the basic equipment and attachments for mountain bikes you will need for bikejoring.

Investing in the proper bikejoring equipment is essential to ensure your dog sports are cruelty-free, and your dog can pull the bike without pain or discomfort.

If you're wondering what bike you should opt for when you go bikejoring with your dog, a mountain bike works well. Mountain bikes have excellent grip and steering capabilities that make them well-suited for bikejoring. You can get mountain bikes from your local bike shop.

Bikejoring Line

The bikejoring line is the line that connects the dog and the mountain bike. Bikejoring lines are a kind of bike attachment made of elastic material to prevent hard pulls from jerking you or your dog around. With an elastic bikejoring line, you and your dog can have a more comfortable ride.

Bikejoring Antenna

Safety is critical in high-speed activities. If your bikejoring line becomes tangled in the front wheel, this could have severe consequences for you and your dog. Luckily, you can invest in a bikejoring antenna, which is a bike attachment to keep your bikejoring line from getting tangled in the front wheel of your mountain bike. The antenna attaches to the front of your mountain bike, secured in place with an antenna mount. The bikejoring antenna isn't too heavy and is relatively flexible to allow your dog to easily guide you around turns without the risk of the line getting caught in your front wheel.

Bikejoring Accessories

One active dog gear accessory you should always bring with you when bikejoring is dog booties. When you're out having a fun bike ride with your dog, the last thing you want is an injury. When your dog pulls the bike, they may step on something sharp, which could cause a cut and injure their paw. To best prepare for this, you should equip your dog with dog booties.

Remember to bring a foldable water bowl with you if you're taking your dog for a long bikejoring route, as your dog is bound to get thirsty and need a drink. (We are sure your pup would benefit from some tasty treats for your pit stops, too!)

Bikejoring Harnesses

Bikejoring harnesses are exactly the same as those used in traditional sled dog mushing. An ordinary dog harness will limit your dog's ability to breathe and cause some discomfort. Dog sports can be cruel without the proper equipment to help them enjoy themselves and avoid discomfort.

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Bikejoring Harness

To prepare your dog for dog sports, you will need to invest in a bikejoring harness. There are many different dog harness styles, which are designed to suit the needs of multiple dogs.

Adjustable Racing Harness

The adjustable racing dog harness is an H-style, traditional sled mushing harness. The adjustable racing dog harness is designed to evenly spread the weight of the load across the dog's shoulders and body to promote better breathing and higher lung capacity. This dog harness is designed for limited turns and works well for straight routes. This harness is adjustable, making it suitable for any breed and size. The leash attachment is higher than other models and it can benefit your setup.

Perfect-Fit Harness

This harness is designed to optimize your dog's comfort level when pulling the bike. The perfect-fit harness is equipped with extra padding around the dog's shoulders to provide a softer and more comfortable fit.

This is an X-style harness that is designed to distribute the pressure evenly across your dog's body. The wide neck makes this harness suitable for dogs with large heads, making it easier for you to dress your dog before your ride. The harness is made from non-allergenic and breathable materials and is water repellent to keep your dog comfortable and dry during the ride.

Sled Pro Harness

The sled pro harness is designed to suit the needs of traditional sled mushing dogs. This harness is an X-style harness that will distribute the pressure evenly across your dog's body. This harness is designed for courses where there is a minimal change of direction, and it provides minimal breath constraint to keep your dogs comfortable and happy.

Because this harness is designed for traditional sled mushing, it is best suited to dogs with a wolf-like size and appearance. If your dog doesn't match this description, you should opt for a more versatile dog harness, like the perfect-fit dog harness or the adjustable racing harness.


If you have a high-energy dog, you may consider using bikejoring to help you provide them with more exercise. Bikejoring is designed for medium and large dogs who are fit and healthy enough to pull a bike. If you like bikejoring with your dog, consider entering a bikejoring competition that will give you the chance to show off your dog’s pulling skills!

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