Iditarod Race Sponsor

Why hike or trek with your dog?

Iditarod is the most famous race in the world for sled dogs. The mushers and the Iditarod race dogs train together for several months to get ready for this 1,000+ miles adventure. In 2017 Neewa sponsors the team Mackey with the X-Back Harnesses, boots and coats for all the dogs. Our production of state of the art dog sport gear has been developed with professional mushers and trainers to meet the best standards in quality and safety.

A great harness (5 stars)

Recommended Equipment:

We have used Neewa Racing X-Back Harness for over 1,000 miles of training this year for Iditarod here in Nenana, Alaska. We have had nothing but great results absolutely no rub on the dogs going long miles in very cold temperatures, a very durable racing harness, also you will not find a more light-weight great fitting harness. The structural points on this harness make the best fit for your dogs. If anyone needs a great Racing X-Back, Neewadog has it. This is a remarkable company that you can see in there work of there great products!

Team Mackey 

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