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Easy Walk Dog Harness: The Ultimate Guide

An easy walk dog harness, also known as a no pull dog harness, has quickly risen to the forefront of the canine market. Whether your best furry friend is a large breed or small, the easy walk dog harness’s uses extend to include comfort and safety for your pet, and convenience and walking satisfaction for you. They are meant to train dogs in healthy leash habits, so that a walk in the park truly is… well… a walk in the park. However, many doubts surround the design, proper use, and even purpose of the easy walk dog harness. And once the details are well understood, how do responsible owners know which option is best for their dogs’ needs? That is...

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Best Dog Harness 2021

As we ring in the new year, we all hope for a brighter turn of events. We want to get outside, get active, and spend time with those we love most. For many of us, quality time-- be it quiet relaxation or impact activity-- can’t come without our furry best friends. So, what’s the best dog harness of 2021, to ensure a year of fulfilling adventure? We’ve broken it down to help you decide. Why should I use a dog harness? Normal dog collars are all well and good for short walks with your leash-trained pooch. However, for any longer and full-throttle activity, or for dogs who are prone to pull, leashes are uncomfortable and even dangerous. They can cut...

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8 Dog Harnesses for Happy, Healthy Pooches

For an active man or woman’s best friend, there is nothing more important than quality gear. Choosing the best dog harness, however, depends on many factors-- from the activity to the dog’s breed to the materials used for harness performance. Here, we present 8 different types of dog harnesses, each catering to these different variables, so that you and your pal can safely and unhindered do what you love best. No Pull Harness For dog owners whose furry friends tend to make walks a nightmare, an easy walk dog harness-- also known as a no pull dog harness-- is the best option out there. While normal dog collars can harm the necks of pull-prone dogs (especially when owners yank on...

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Do no pull dog harnesses really work?

If you have a dog that makes walking a nightmare, then you certainly know the buzz around no pull dog harnesses. They boast effective training for leash walks and other activities, as well as safety and comfort to replace your furry companion’s otherwise harmful habits. But does the no pull dog harness truly live up to the hype? Does it check all the boxes of convenience, durbility, training, and comfort? Yes and no. Some models are second-to-none in design and materials, while others miss the mark on total greatness. Here’s all you need to know about no pull dog harnesses, how they work, and what can make them true lifesavers-- so that your choice of harness makes smooth sailing for...

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Small Dog Harness vs Large Dog Harness: What’s the difference?

In recent years, more and more dog owners have opted to invest in a high quality dog harness. Whether to train their furry friends, take them on a short walk, or venture out on high-impact sports; dog harnesses provide a far safer and more convenient alternative to a simple collar. But with an expanding dog harness market comes the responsible owner’s question: which dog harness is best for my dog breed? Especially if you are the proud momma or papa of a small pooch, you probably want to know if all dog harness designs are safe for delicate builds. Likewise, if your best friend resembles a bear as much as a canine, then you want to make sure that your...

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