Dog Running - Hands Free Dog Leashes

Why hike or trek with your dog?

Just like us, dogs need daily exercise for their health and happiness. If you decide to take your dog for a hike or jog, you typically want to do it hands free. With Neewa, you and your dog can enjoy workouts even more!

Recommended Dog Hiking Gear:

When you walk, hike or trek with your dog, we recommend you wear the Neewa Hands Free Trekking Belt with pocket. Your dog should wear either the Neewa Running With Dog Harnesses or the Neewa No-Pull Harness, depending on your needs. Finally, you should connect your belt to the dog's harness using the Neewa Tug Line with Bungee.

Neewa Trekking Belt provides greater comfort

With Neewa Trekking Belt, you’ll experience hands free movement and have a removable pocket for accessories like cell phones and treats, and a collapsible bowl for up to a quarter of water.

Neewa Harness protects your dog

Neewa harnesses protect your dog in the areas they're most subject to pressure, like the chest, neck, and ribcage. The light structure of our harnesses, combined with the padding, ensures comfort on your dog and avoids the hair loss caused by friction.

Neewa Tug line with bungee absorbs shock

A Neewa harness, when equipped with the Neewa tug line with bungee, can help you and your dog absorb unnecessary shock, making your workouts smoother.

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