8 Dog Harnesses for Happy, Healthy Pooches

For an active man or woman’s best friend, there is nothing more important than quality gear.

Choosing the best dog harness, however, depends on many factors-- from the activity to the dog’s breed to the materials used for harness performance.

Here, we present 8 different types of dog harnesses, each catering to these different variables, so that you and your pal can safely and unhindered do what you love best.

No Pull Harness

For dog owners whose furry friends tend to make walks a nightmare, an easy walk dog harness-- also known as a no pull dog harness-- is the best option out there. While normal dog collars can harm the necks of pull-prone dogs (especially when owners yank on the leash in order to stop this behavior), no pull harnesses are especially designed to provide safe and healthy control. Rather than looping around the neck, they fit snugly across the chest-- making sure that owners can keep their pulling dogs close and contained, without the risk of neck damage.

The best easy walk dog harnesses will feature many well-made perks that provide an even safer and more comfortable experience for dogs in training. For example, this quality no pull harness offers a specially-designed front hook, which easily and painlessly makes it impossible for dogs to pull (without turning themselves around). This particular model also boasts extra padding around the chest and stomach, so that dogs prone to pull will not associate walks with painful and traumatic experiences (which make them even more anxious on a leash). Its reinforced adjustable back straps also give safe control, for a smooth training process that inspires dogs to naturally create good walking habits.

Perfect Fit Harness

A good harness is make-or-break for dogs who pull cargo and sleds. Even if a high-quality harness does not fit just right, it becomes a highly damaging and dangerous obstacle during activities like sledding, canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring.

For this reason, it is vital that extra large dogs who engage in these activities are equipped with a perfect fit harness. Models may vary depending on the maker, but outdoor dog gear expert, Neewa, offers its Perfect Fit Harness with 8 adjustable points and extra padding throughout its non-allergenic, water-repellent design. In addition, this dog harness features an interesting and effective “X-back construction,” which evenly distributes weight and pressure throughout the entire animal’s body-- taking the strain off of even heavy loads.

Running Harness

Whether for a 5k, mountain trek, or jog around the block, your active companion’s best support comes in the aptly-named “running harness.” Its H-type build crosses the chest in a fit that molds to the dog’s natural running stride-- without pulling, pressure, or discomfort.

Because it’s designed for a sweaty, all-in sport, the best dog harness for running is light and breathable. Plus, it also features padding around the most strain-prone areas (chest, neck, and ribcage) for additional comfort and support. With 4 neck and chest adjustments, it’s a great fit for nearly any sized dog.

Sled Pro Harness

True to its name, there is no better type of harness for nordic-shaped dogs (like a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute) than the Sled Pro Harness. Its extra padding in the shoulders, neck, and rib cage are designed to provide maximum comfort while mushing.

This particular Sled Pro Harness is especially high-performing, with an engineering X-back shape that evenly distributes weight and pressure throughout the animal’s body. Its reflective inserts even make this option safe and visible for night sledding, trekking, canicross, etc.

Sport Harness

Active dogs with active owners tend towards an all-around harness that’s extremely convenient, durable, and effective. This sport harness offers a Swiss-inspired design with adjustments in the chest and ribcage, making it ideal for any dog breed and activity level. Its easy-to-snap design allows it to be taken on and off in a matter of seconds, without sacrificing the extremely strong build and large-handle feature.

Highly breathable and flexible, this is one of the best dog harnesses for all around sport and agility.

Utility Harness

The Utility Harness is perfect for both any breed of dog and any everyday activity. The best utility dog harness should have a very easy-on and easy-off design.

This utility harness boasts dressing, adjusting, and undressing in just a matter of seconds. Its Swedish design also features a large handle placed comfortably on the dog’s back. With control to easily lift, hold, or carry your companion, there is no limit to the places you two can go.

X-Back Racing Harness

Another form of sledding harness, the X-back racing harness, is another fantastic choice to evenly distribute pressure for your pooch when pulling. Unlike both the Perfect Fit and Sled Pro harnesses previously mentioned, however, this choice is designed for lean and narrow-bodied dogs.

This particular model is made from high-tenacity nylon instead of the standard polypropylene material, in order to handle extreme temperatures without compromise in performance. It was designed in collaboration with the world-renowned musher Fabrizio Lovati, with details like reflective inserts and a perfect fit for dogs with lean builds.

Adjustable Racing Harness

An H-shape racing harness whose design contrasts the traditional X-back shape, the Adjustable Racing Harness is ideal for sprint racing. Its tighter fit has proven to be the best dog harness for quick changes in direction, without lessening comfort in design and uniform distribution in pressure.

It is important that this type of dog harness be adjustable in the chest and back, like this version. If so, it ensures unrestrained breathing during highly straining activities, suited even for dog breeds that do not fit into the normal “sledding breed” body types.


While there is no all-in-one dog harness that includes all activities and environments, there is a best dog harness for you and your furry friend’s chosen activity.

In fact, this is the beauty of the dog harness world: there exists a specially-designed harness for each activity, making performance seamless and safe.

So, whatever your sport, dig into the advantages of a perfectly fitting dog harness, and experience a whole new level of bonding with your pooch.