Skijoring Equipment - All you need to ski with your dog

To get started with skijoring, you'll need some specialized equipment. This includes a skijoring harness for your dog, a specialized skijoring belt for you, and a skijoring towline that attaches you to your dog. It's important to invest in high-quality gear to ensure your safety and your dog's comfort. Also we recommend you to look at some boots to protect your dog paws from freezing.

Canicross/Skijoring Belt

Full wrapping for better feeling with your dog

Hands free Trekking Belt

Easy to put on/off with pocket for phone and water bowl for the dog

Racing tug line with bungee


Quick release tug line with bungee for one dog or two dogs

Perfect-fit harness

X-Back type harness with 8 adjustment points to fit most breeds

Cordura Booties

Comfortable Cordura socks 600 nylon denier for compact snow or to protect injuries

Snow dog boots

Snow boots for dogs to protect the paw from blistering temperatures