Dog harness for pulling sleds, bike, rollerblade, skateboard and ski

Neewa offers top-quality dog harnesses that prioritize both safety and performance. Our harnesses have been developed in collaboration with expert dog trainers and athletes to deliver exceptional results for both the dog and owner. We offer a range of dog harnesses, including adjustable and non-adjustable options, which gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Adjustable Dog Harness:

Our adjustable dog harness is perfect for dogs that are still growing, as it can keep up with their development and save you the hassle of purchasing a new harness. Additionally, if you have multiple dogs and want to be able to switch the harness between them, an adjustable dog harness is a great choice.

Non-Adjustable Dog Harness:

If your dog is already two years old and stable in weight, our non-adjustable dog harness may be the ideal choice for you. With a non-adjustable dog harness, you don't need to adjust it after every wash, making it a convenient option for pet owners. 

Another difference between our harnesses is the weight distribution. Our range of dog harnesses includes the X-type harness and the Y-type harness, which differ in their design and the way they distribute pressure on the dog's body.

X-Type Harness:

The X-type harness is a simple design that goes over the dog's head and then around their torso, forming an "X" shape on the dog's back. This type of harness distributes pressure evenly across the dog's chest and back, making it an excellent choice for dogs that have a tendency to pull on their leash.

Y-Type Harness:

The Y-type harness has a more complex design, featuring a vertical strap that goes down the dog's chest and a horizontal strap that goes around their torso. The two straps form a "Y" shape on the dog's back. This type of harness puts more pressure on the dog's chest, making it a better choice for dogs who needs more freedom around the belly.


 Running harness

It's a versatile dog harness that can be used for walking or short time pulling. It's also considered as an entry level for get your dog started in some pulling. 
Adjustable Racing harness
This Y-Type harness is designed to give freedom around the belly when the dog is pulling. It is good for straight trails and bikejoring thanks to the leash attachment higher then an X-Type harness
Perfect fit harness
This X-Type harness is designed to allow the best fitting to dogs with wide neck and big chest like Malamute husky. The adjustments allow to fit great most breeds. The uniform distribution of the weight along the body make the dog feel all the power to pull.



 Pro Sled Dog harness

This X-Type harness distributes the weight along the body giving the dog a powerful traction. The design also helps to avoid shoulders injuries due to hard pulling. Since it's non-adjustable it's important to match all the measurements for neck, chest and back

X-Back Racing harness

This harness is very similar to Pro Sled harness and it's designed to fit dogs with narrow chest, slim body and longer back like the typical sled dog breed. The several combinations of size give the right fit to most of this category.


All these harnesses are frequently combined with the racing tug lines for one dog or 2 dogs. Click here to learn more about our tug line with bungee