Is a dog harness for car really safe or not?

Your furry friend’s safety is a priority, and you want to ensure that they are safe during car rides. A dog harness for a car is a common accessory that many pet parents use to keep their pets secure. However, you may be wondering if a dog harness for a car is really safe or not.

The truth is that a dog harness for a car can be safe, but it depends on the harness's quality and how it's used. Here are some factors to consider to determine whether a dog harness for a car is safe or not:

Quality of the Dog Harness for Car

The quality of the dog harness for a car is essential in ensuring your pet's safety. A high-quality harness made from durable materials and with secure attachment points is critical. Cheap and low-quality harnesses may not hold up in the event of an accident, putting your pet at risk. Ensure that the harness you choose is certified and meets safety standards, we definitely make it a priority when we produce our Neewa harness in our factory in Italy.

Proper Fitting

Another crucial factor to consider is the proper fitting of the harness. The harness should fit your pet well without being too loose or too tight. A poorly fitting harness can cause discomfort and restrict your pet's breathing, making it unsafe for them. Be sure to measure your pet's size for neck, chest and back before purchasing a harness to ensure a proper fit; weight can be not useful.

Use of the Dog Harness for Car

It's important to use the dog harness for a car correctly. The harness should be attached to the car's seat belt, and your pet should be strapped in tightly. Loose attachments and improperly secured harnesses can be dangerous, causing your pet to become a projectile in case of an accident. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to attach and use the harness correctly. Our adjustable dog leash is used for walking but also to secure safely the dog to a tree during your adventures or to secure the dog with the car seating belt.

Alternatives to Dog Harness for Car

While a dog harness for a car can be safe, there are alternative options available, such as a crate or carrier. These options may be better suited for pets that are anxious or uncomfortable with a harness or for those who may not fit in a harness comfortably. Crates or carriers also provide a secure and comfortable space for your pet during car rides. At Neewa, we prefer the use of crate, rather to have a dog harness for car, because we like to keep them protected from flying objects and projectile effect in case of a hard impact in the accident.

In conclusion, a dog harness for a car can be safe if you choose a high-quality harness, ensure a proper fit, and use it correctly. Alternatives such as crates or carriers may be better suited for some pets to create a shield around them in case of accident. Consult with your vet before making a decision on what's best for your pet. Keeping your furry friend safe during car rides should always be a top priority.