How to Measure a Dog for a Harness? Everything You Should Know

Can you accurately measure your dog for a harness? A harness that is too tight for your dog may cause injury, whilst a loose harness may result in your dog running off!

Read Neewa’s expert guide to find out how to measure your dog for a harness, making sure the fit is secure yet comfortable!

All You Need to Know About Dog Harnesses

A dog harness is an important piece of equipment for dog owners. Here’s everything you need to know about dog harnesses and how you should fit a harness to your furry friend!

What is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is used with a leash when you take your dog on a walk or a run! Traditionally, dog leashes were attached to a collar around the dog’s neck. 

However, the force when pulling the leash attachment on the dog’s neck caused discomfort and injury. Therefore, harnesses became the recommended tools to use as replacements for collars, evenly distributing the pull force across the dog’s chest and back.

It’s vital to fit your dog’s harness securely and safely. A too-tight harness will hurt your dog and may cause lacerations on your dog’s body. A too-loose harness around your dog’s chest may allow your dog to escape and run off, which is particularly dangerous when walking next to traffic.

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Types of Dog Harnesses

There are various types of best dog harnesses available. These include the H-Back harness, the X-Back harness, and the No-Pull harness. 

The H-Back harness is identified by an H design on your dog’s back. This is a great adjustable harness.

The X-Back harness style projects a cross design on your dog’s back and is a good choice for doggy sports. X-back is suggested on trails with several changes in direction, like hills and curves. The more wrapping design leaves the dog full-time traction. Here Neewa has a sled pro harness and x-back harness for lean dogs with narrow chests. These two harness options are not adjustable.

The Perfect Fit Harness is an x-back adjustable for most breeds.

The No-Pull harnesses are a good choice for training and hiking, thanks to the back handle to lift the dog and the double leash attachment (back to pull and the front to discourage pulling), providing a secure and practical harness option.

At all times, dog owners should make sure that there is space for two fingers between their dog’s harness and fur.

Benefits of a Dog Harness 

A dog harness is more beneficial to your dog than a dog collar. The pull force of a harness is evenly distributed across your dog’s back, as opposed to pulling their neck when using a collar. 

A collar can cause damage to your dog’s windpipe and vertebrae, resulting in discomfort and sometimes even medical attention!

Using a dog harness is kinder to your dog. Their back is wide and strong and can take more pressure and force than their neck can. 

In addition, you can use different types of dog harnesses and dog exercise equipment to enjoy doggy sports with your pooch! Check out Neewa Dogs’ vast range of doggy sports and exercise gear today!

How to Fit a Dog Harness 

Fitting a harness securely to a dog is an owner’s responsibility. You need to make sure that the harness is tight enough that your dog does not escape, yet is loose enough to be comfortable.

But, how do you put on a dog harness? Each harness may be slightly different to put on and so you need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, when fitting a harness, you may need to place it over your dog’s head and pull it down. Or, you may have bought a step-in harness, where your dog steps into the harness with his front legs. Most harness straps are secured with a clip or buckle by the pet’s parents!

Measuring Your Dog for a Harness, Step-by-step Guide 

When measuring your dog for a harness, you will need the right tool and the correct knowledge! Here is everything you need to know to measure your dog successfully for a harness.

A Measuring Tape: The Only Tool You Need 

When measuring your dog for a harness, the only tool you need is a measuring tape! It is also useful to have a piece of paper and a pen at the ready to write down your dog’s measurements. 

What Measurements Do You Take? 

You need to measure your dog’s neck girth, chest girth, and body length.

Neck Girth 

First, you need to measure the widest part of your dog’s neck. Try to be gentle and leave room for two fingers to slot in between the cloth tape measure and their fur. 

How to Measure a Dog for a Harness - Neewa

Chest Girth 

Next, measure the widest part of your dog’s girth and note down your dog’s chest size. Once again, ensure that there is space for two fingers in between your dog’s fur and the tape measure. This will ensure that your dog is comfortable along its shoulders and rib cage.

How to Measure a Dog for a Harness - Neewa

Body Length or Topline 

Finally, measure the length of your dog’s body. This is also called the topline and is the length from your dog’s neck to the base of their tail.

How to Choose the Best Harness for Your Dog 

The best harness for your dog will be determined by the size of your dog and what type of doggy sports you like to do together. Whilst most pet owners love to walk their dogs, have you considered dog sledding or bikejoring with your dog too? 

You will also need to consider your dog’s breed. For example, a no-pull harness may offer benefits for small dogs, with the harness size being dependent on your dog’s weight.

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