Easy Walk Dog Harness: The Ultimate Guide

An easy walk dog harness, also known as a no pull dog harness, has quickly risen to the forefront of the canine market. Whether your best furry friend is a large breed or small, the easy walk dog harness’s uses extend to include comfort and safety for your pet, and convenience and walking satisfaction for you. They are meant to train dogs in healthy leash habits, so that a walk in the park truly is… well… a walk in the park.

However, many doubts surround the design, proper use, and even purpose of the easy walk dog harness. And once the details are well understood, how do responsible owners know which option is best for their dogs’ needs?

That is why, for all of you canine-lovers who want the answers, we’ve created the ultimate guide.

What is the purpose of an easy walk dog harness?

With all of the collar and harness options out there, what is so great about an easy walk design?

First, it completely avoids around-the-neck constraints. The traditional collar cuts into the neck when a dog pulls, making for a very dangerous setup while your pup is learning leash manners. Especially for small dogs whose necks are slender and delicate, collars have proven hazardous, and can even cause long-term damage. This holds true for large dogs as well, who suffer from choking and coughing (not to mention extreme discomfort) when they pull on a leash (P., 2021).

But your dog isn’t the only one who suffers when you take a stroll without an easy walk harness. Owners, likewise, struggle when their pets pull. It makes for an unpleasant stroll, to say the least; not to mention the sprains and falls that can easily occur when dogs pull their owners on the leash.

Easy walk harnesses fix these dangers for both owners and dogs, with a design that provides safety and comfort, and eliminates both around-the-neck collars and the ability for dogs to tug.

How does an easy walk dog harness work?

No pull dog harnesses are engineered to make walking with your best friend easy.

They wrap around the chest and back, avoiding the traditional collar that can so easily cause harm. Likewise, they normally have some sort of device that prevents dogs from pulling.

The best easy walk dog harness features a no-fuss, no-pull front hook; every time that pooches lurch ahead, they automatically turn themselves back around. This design easily and quickly trains dogs not to pull, for they learn that pulling will not allow them to move forward.

What is the best easy walk dog harness?

There is a great variety of options within the world of no pull dog harnesses. While all will naturally boast their own greatness, most are simply collars that loop around the back, rather than the neck-- not exactly the epitome of comfort and safety for your dog. It is important to note the harness’s materials, adjustment points, padding, and design before you make an investment; and ensure that your choice truly does provide the padding and support that softly trains your pet to behave on the leash.

Great harnesses are made with a durable material like polypropylene, which is both breathable and non-allergenic. Likewise, it should feature extra padding and support in the chest, neck, and ribcage-- the areas most prone to pulling pressure. Finally, it should be easily-adjustable for the convenience and comfort of both owner and furry companion.

This easy walk dog harness from Neewa Dogs features all of these high-quality aspects, plus the previously-mentioned front hook engineering. It is our all-around recommendation for quality, control, and comfort while taking a stroll with your best friend.

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