Best Dog Harness 2021

As we ring in the new year, we all hope for a brighter turn of events. We want to get outside, get active, and spend time with those we love most.

For many of us, quality time-- be it quiet relaxation or impact activity-- can’t come without our furry best friends. So, what’s the best dog harness of 2021, to ensure a year of fulfilling adventure? We’ve broken it down to help you decide.

Why should I use a dog harness?

Normal dog collars are all well and good for short walks with your leash-trained pooch. However, for any longer and full-throttle activity, or for dogs who are prone to pull, leashes are uncomfortable and even dangerous. They can cut off circulation and cause long-term neck and joint damage, as well as inhibit activities’ enjoyment due to general discomfort and a lack of support.

A dog harness is therefore essential for active owners and dogs, with a variety of specifically-designed harnesses that fit any given sport (running, sledding, bikejoring, hiking, and more).

Likewise, no pull dog harnesses are the best and healthiest option to train your pull-prone pet in good leash habits.

What should I look for in a dog harness?

The best dog harness will virtually disappear when you and your dog set out on your adventure. That is to say, look for a dog harness that is so convenient and so effective, that it becomes the key to high-performance in your activities, without ever getting in the way.

In order to reach this perfect equilibrium, choose a dog harness that combines extreme comfort, easy-to-adjust convenience, top-quality materials, and a design that’s engineered for your specific sport.


If the purpose of a harness is to upgrade from the insufficient and simple collar, then the first quality to prioritize is the comfort it will provide to your dog.

The best dog harness will feature padding in the areas most prone to pulling and pressure: chest, neck, rib cage, etc. And yet, it will also be sleek and breathable in the areas that require optimal movement: back, joints, etc.

It should be also breathable, so that high-sweat activities and heated climates do not make the harness a bother for your pooch. And finally, a great dog harness must feature high-tenacity; that is, it must be stretchable, to avoid constriction and discomfort during movement and pulling.


Even if you find the most high-performing and comfortable harness for your dog, it will be a pain if it’s not convenient for you.

A convenient dog harness means that it is not only simple to carry with you on whatever adventure you embark, but that it also snaps on and off your companion with ease. It should be highly adjustable to slip on and off-- creating a fast and perfect fit for your dog’s body.


A great dog harness needs to offer you a lifetime of memories. It should be made of a highly durable material, like non-allergenic and water-repellent polypropylene. The very best harness options will also offer light-reflective strips, for safe adventure no matter the weather conditions nor time of day.

And above all, the best harness will support you and your dog’s bonding experiences for 2021 and far beyond.


It is important to keep in mind that high-quality dog harnesses are designed with specific activities in mind. There exists a specially-engineered harness for pulling sports like mushing and sledding, for running, training, canicross, scootering, and more.

For example, if you and your dog seek out the thrill of skijoring together, look for an x-back harness design that evenly distributes pulling weight across the entire body, eliminating exhaustion and pressure points. On the other hand, if you’re a runner whose companion keeps up with you every step of the way, opt for an h-type harness. This design provides the chest support and adjustment points necessary for comfort in running and hiking.

Combined with comfort, convenience, and quality materials, perfect engineering for your given sport guarantees a harness that will not disappoint.

What should I avoid when buying a dog harness?

The spectrum of dog harnesses ranges from olympic-level designs to a few thin straps that tangle in confusion. Don’t waste your effort getting wrapped up in the cheapest option. It will undoubtedly boast the lowest price, but will only cause you frustration and your dog discomfort. Remember: you get what you pay for.

In 2021 more than ever, there are a plethora of dog harness options that provide the top quality you need, with a price that won’t totally break your bank.

Best Dog Harnesses for 2021

So, what is truly the best dog harness for 2021? Most simply, it is the harness option that most effectively combines the key factors of comfort, convenience, materials, and design.

Although there are many good options out there, we leave you with a list of our favorite 2021 dog harnesses. All of these suggestions provide unbeatable comfort, with optimal convenience, and the best materials on the market. Here, we list them by specific activity: