13 Best Dog Boots For Hiking

Are you going hiking with protective boots for your feet? Your dog might need boots, too! Here's how to choose a pair of dog boots for hiking.

When we go hiking in cold or hot weather, it's easy to forget that our furry friends might need boots for walking, too. Though your dog's paws are designed to be fine in normal conditions, rocky terrain, extreme heat or cold, or ice could cause injuries to your dog’s paw pads. he.

Want to learn more about dog boots and how to choose the right pair?

Keep reading as we discuss why dogs need boots, the factors to consider when purchasing boots, and the best boots for hiking.

Do Dogs Need Boots For Hiking?

As a dog owner, you should be aware of certain conditions that could hurt your dog's paws when you go hiking. Here are some of the threats to your dog's little feet:

  • Heat - if you're hiking in hot weather, there will be hot pavement and terrain that makes your dog's paws dry and could potentially burn the soles of your puppy's feet and cause blisters. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, when the air temperature is 86 degrees, the pavement registers at 135 degrees. 
  • Snow - when you take your dog hiking in the winter, your dog's paws will become very cold, which means that the fur between their toes will become frozen. As your furry friend walks, their toes will move, and the ice will trap the hair between them in ice, which can lead to ripping and tearing of the skin.
  • Sharp rocks - though it is uncommon for a dog's paws to become injured from outdoor terrain, a hiking trail with sharp rocks and thorny bushes could harm your dog.

Before starting on your hike, it's a good idea to consider what the weather and conditions will be like. Cold or hot weather could cause your dog discomfort or injury to their paws, so it's a good idea to come prepared with dog boots, which will add a protective layer between your dog's paws and the ground.

Best Dog Boots For Hiking

Factors To Consider When Choosing Hiking Boots For Your Dog

Below you'll find the main things you need to consider before choosing a pair of hiking boots for your dog.


If your dog has never worn shoes or boots, then it’s a good idea to start them off with cheaper, more disposable boots to acclimate them to their new footwear. If your dog needs more durable, specialized boots like these snow boots for their preferred activities, they might cost a bit more. 

Ease Of Use

You don't want to constantly struggle to put four boots on your dog before you go for your hike - especially if your dog isn't a fan of their shoes. So, select a shoe with a secure-fit velcro strap or another easy fastener.


Not all paws are the same size, so you'll need to make sure you’re buying the correct size.. You should measure your dog's front and hind feet separately, as their sizes could differ. Measure them by tracing the outline of their paw on a piece of paper and measuring the width of their paw with a ruler.


You don't want your dog slipping and sliding around on all the slippery surfaces in your house. They need to get used to their boots by wearing them at home. So, you'll need boots with grooves in the foot pads, allowing for more traction and preventing slipping.


The type of material is an important consideration for your dog’s boots. If you plan to traverse rocky terrain with your dog, the shoes must be made of a robust material that won't wear on the pavement or rocks over time. Additionally, you'll need to consider whether the thermal fabric is a necessity or whether your dog will require a more breathable mesh fabric for their dog boots.

Best Dog Boots For Hiking

13 Best Dog Boots For Hiking

Now that you know what you're looking for, let's discuss some of the best dog boots for hiking, along with their top features!

Snow Dog Boots

These snow dog boots protect your dog’s paws during extended periods in extreme cold, and they are perfect for dogs participating in snow dog sports like dog mushing (or sledding). Even in the snow, the multi-grip surface on the foot pads will prevent your dog from slipping on slippery surfaces like ice during your hike or activity. 

Neewa’s boots will help keep your dog's paws comfortable and warm during your winter hike. The velcro strap makes it super easy to put these on, and your dog will be visible in the dark due to the reflective neon color. Since they are for dog sports, you can expect them to be durable boots and last a long time.

Winter Boots With Paw Protectors

A pair of winter boots with paw protectors may be a good option for your pup. Some of them may come with plenty of thermal stuffing to keep your dog's paws warm. We recommend looking for a fasten with an elastic buckle for easy application.

Cordura Boots

Neewa’s Cordura dog boots are specially designed by experts in dog winter sports and make an excellent choice if you're looking for a dog boot for winter. The dog boot slides on like a sock and fastens with velcro straps, making it easy to head outdoors with your dog or dogs. If your dog typically doesn't like wearing dog boots, they might enjoy this pair as they are incredibly lightweight. It works also as a protective sock for recoup paws injuries to avoid the dog chewing.

Winter Booties For Long Distance

The thickness of long-distance winter booties can make them perfect for hiking, running, or hunting during the cold season. If you’re looking for long-distance booties, we recommend a thick and rigid bottom and a velcro strap to fasten them firmly around your dog's legs. Your dog's paws will stay warm, and the dog shoes will be able to resist wear and tear as you exercise.

Waterproof Winter Boots

Waterproof dog boots can keep your dog's paws perfectly dry while hiking and enjoying the beauty of wintry terrain. If your dog's feet stay dry, they're less likely to become cold, meaning the cold weather won't bother them. 

Outdoor Boots With Rubber Soles

If you're looking for a pair of dog shoes that will keep your dog's paws protected year-round, you're best opting for a couple with rubber soles. The rubber soles prevent the hot pavement from affecting your dog's feet in the summer. Also, the rubber soles mimic the exact shape of a dog's feet, meaning your dog will be super comfortable walking in these boots. 

Winter Dog Socks

Dog socks are designed to go under your dog's shoes to keep their feet comfortable and prevent chafing after prolonged use. You wouldn't feel as comfortable in your shoes without socks, so why should your dog be any different? Applying stockings under dog boots may provide an added protective barrier, preventing the shoes from causing chafing and bleeding during a long hike.

Winter All-Purpose Dog Boots

If you're looking for a pair of dog boots that your dog can wear outside, but won't go sliding around in on your hardwood floors, this could be a good option for your pup. The paw pads on the shoes could help keep your dog comfortable on rough terrain and allow it to spend time indoors while wearing its shoes.

All-Weather Neoprene Protects

All-weather Neoprene dog boots will keep your paw from becoming too cold or too hot to protect your feet from rough terrain. Your pup's paws will be comfortable, and you can tuck them away in a travel pouch when not in use.

Breathable Dog Booties

When you're taking your dog for a hike in the summer months, you need to ensure its feet don't get too hot. However, if your dog boots don't let your dog's feet breathe, they will become increasingly warm as your hike continues. Having breathable mesh dog hiking boots can be a good option to protect its paws from hot pavement while allowing airflow to keep the feet cool and comfortable. 

Element-Resistant Booties

If you want to protect your paws from the elements, no matter the weather, you'll benefit from these types of boots. It will protect your dog’s feet from sharp rocks or objects underfoot.

Budget-Friendly Dog Boots

If you're looking for dog boots on a budget, you can always opt for the Neewa Cordura Boots, which are only $2 each. And did we mention these boots are designed for professional use? Keep the best protection for your dog's paws during winter sporting events on a friendly budget!

Winter Puppy Boots

Puppy boots are a great way to introduce your dog to wearing boots for hiking, helping to keep your puppy's legs dry when walking in the snow or rain. 


Here are some commonly asked questions about dog boots:

When Do Dogs Need Boots?

Your dog will most likely need boots when hiking or walking in extreme weather - hot or cold. Additionally, your dog will benefit from wearing boots to protect their paws from sharp rocks and objects during your travels.

How Do I Keep Dog Boots From Falling Off?

To keep your dog's boots from falling off, you should invest in dog boots with a convenient adjustable fastener, such as a velcro strap. You should also ensure you get the correct shoe size for your dog by measuring its feet.

How Do I Measure My Dog For Boots?

To measure your dog for boots, you should measure their front and hind paws separately. Place their foot on a sheet of paper, trace around it with a pencil, and then measure the width of their paw to discover their size.

Are Front Paws And Back Paws The Same Size?

Front and back paws are sometimes different sizes, so you should measure them separately to make sure they get a perfect fit.

How Do I Put Boots On My Dog's Paws?

If you want to put boots on your dog's paws, you should introduce them to your dog gradually with lots of positive reinforcement. Have your dog practice wearing booties around the house for short periods. Slide on the shoes, and then fasten them securely around the leg using the velcro straps or elastic cord fastener.


Dog boots are a great way to keep your dog safe when hiking during the winter and summer - and they can prevent your dog from getting ouchies on their paw pads from sharp objects on the ground. If you're looking for dog accessories to help you improve your dog's quality of life with more fun and engaging activities, take a look at our collection of dog boots, harnesses, and accessories here at Neewa Dogs!