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Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee

"Great for energetic furry companions"- Dr. S. Adam Fuller

Racing Tug Line with Bungee

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The Neewa Racing Tug Line with Bungee has a tubular polypropylene webbing, which contains a bungee, absorbing shocks caused by variations in the dog’s speed. Despite our regular tug line with bungee, this is lighter.

Ribbons and carabiners are extra light, to improve performance.

The line has 2 quick-release snap hooks, to ensure maximum safety for both dog and owner.

It complies with the regulations and standards of the main international canicross and dog sledding federations. The maximum extension of the 6.5 ft goes up to 8.20 ft.

Ideal for dog sledding, canicross, skijoring, bikejoring and dog scootering.

It's available also for with 2 dogs set.


5 ft  (up to 6.5 ft extended)
(1.5 m)
6.5 ft for 1 Dog (up to 8.20 ft extended)
(2 m for 1 Dog)
6.5 ft for 2 Dogs (up to 8.20 ft extended)
(2 m for 2 Dogs)
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Racing Tug Line with Bungee
Racing Tug Line with Bungee

Customer Reviews

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Zane Glumske
Racing Tug Line with Bungee

My kids liked to get pulled on a sled and were originally using a leash to connect to our dog (Bruno). The leash didn't provide any shock absorption, which put more stress on Bruno and caused some sled crashes for the kids. The tug line with bungee provides a soft start for Bruno and the kids. Additionally, the tug line also reduces the shock of any abrupt stops. Great product.

Susan Kugelmann
Newbie to Neewa

I had never done bikejoring before but found Neewa to have the most reasonable prices with a great reputation. I was a little surprised to find the tug line was just a leash tied onto a nice bungee leash. It certainly meets my simple needs and I have started to enjoy bikejoring thanks to this product. In the future, I might consider just buying a leash and a bungee cord at the local store.

Great Quality and Service

I found Neewa online through searching for pulling dog gear. We have huskies who skijor and bikejor. Hopefully one day we will be dog sledding too. I took a chance ordering online without seeing the product in person, but it was everything I hoped it would be. Great accessories that you can mix and match, great stitching and quality, and I use every piece regularly. Our four dogs eagerly put on their harnesses every time we go outside.

Dr. S. Adam Fuller
Great for energetic furry companions.

Works great for my energetic Labradoodle. This lead makes it possible for my children to better control him on his daily walks. I would highly recommend this to anyone for joring, jogging, or strolling with an energetic furry friend.

Very good

Very good,