Racing Tug Line with Bungee

The Neewa Racing Tug Line with Bungee has a tubular polypropylene webbing, which contains a bungee, absorbing shocks caused by variations in the dog’s speed.

Ribbons and carabiners are extra light, to improve performance.

The line has 2 quick-release snap hooks, to ensure maximum safety for both dog and owner.

It complies with the regulations and standards of the main international canicross and dog sledding federations.

Ideal for dog sledding, canicross, skijoring, bikejoring and dog scootering.

In combination with a coupler, it can be used with 2 dogs.


5 ft
(1.5 m)
6.5 ft for 1 Dog
(2 m for 1 Dog)
6.5 ft for 2 Dogs
(2 m for 2 Dogs)

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