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Shock Absorbing Dog Leash - Main
Shock Absorbing Dog Leash - Side

"Excellent quality" - David M. Dalechek

Shock Absorbing Dog Leash Bungee Leash Pace Change Leash

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The Neewa Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is a bungee leash that effortlessly absorbs the jerking that comes with variations in a dog’s pace. This all-in-one bungee canicross leash can be used directly with a collar or harness or can be combined with another leash.

The Neewa Shock Absorbing Dog Leash complies with the regulations and standards of the International Canicross and Dog Sledding Federations.

The bungee is contained in a tubular polypropylene webbing for extra durability. It is 39in fully extended.

Use the Neewa Shock Absorbing Dog Leash for dog sledding, canicross, skijoring, bikejoring, or dog scootering while you’re out and about in the summer or any season.

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Shock Absorbing Dog Leash // Bungee Dog Leash // Neewa™
Shock Absorbing Dog Leash // Bungee Dog Leash // Neewa™

Customer Reviews

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Maureen Howat
Shock absorbing leash

Love this leash for my husky I use it with his harness and great for long walks

Tanner Olmsted

Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

Helps to prevent tugging shock

I've become a fan of bungee leashes recently and I absolutely love them, especially for training dogs who tend to pull a lot.This Neewa bungee leash is designed for dog sledding and other dog-race sports, but I can't comment on how effective it is for that use. For training and walking our dog, I can say that it's a wonderful leash.The included carabiner makes it easy to attach onto any collar or dog vest, and the handle is easy to grip.This leash is made in Italy and the quality is above average. The bungee offers quite a bit of resistance, while at the same time evening out any shocks to your arm caused by tugging.The length of this leash is short, and if you are the type of person who walks their dog on a long leash then this will feel even shorter so choose the appropriate leash for your walking style.Overall, this is a good product that we enjoy using with our dog.

Great quality bungee, so much better than just a rope.

We got this in preparation for some new winter activities we want to try this winter, mainly skijoring. We ordered the sled harness first and were impressed with the quality so we ordered the matching bungee. We wanted to test it out right away so we attached it to our niece's wagon and now our dog is the neighbourhood horse, taking ALL the kids for a ride. It's a little shorter than we thought when it's extended but not a big deal it still works great. Our blockhead prefers to walk like he is velcroed to our legs anyways so we dont think it will be a big issue in the winter, it works for the wagon.

Kris B.
Short leash...

This leash is about 42" long, stretching (with the bungee) to about 48".With our dogs used to a 6' leash, this won't work well for us... and at shorter than 4' (before being stretched out), this is shorter than your usual leash.