TRE DI™ Dog Bed

The Neewa TRE DI Dog Bed is made of comfortable and fully washable polypropylene, with removable cover.

The filling consists of two layers: the one in contact with the dog provides comfort, while the one in contact with the ground keeps your dog away from the damp and cushions the weight.

Our patented TRE DI inside system keeps your dog off the ground while ensuring perfect comfort.

The specially designed structure allows air to circulate beneath the dog, keeping it cool in the summer and protecting it from the damp in the winter.

Entirely made with recyclable, non-allergenic materials.

Ideal for use at home, in the garden, in the car or in the kennel.


Small 16x24 in
(40x60 cm)
Medium 20x28 in
(50x70 cm)
Large 24x32 in
(60x80 cm)
X-Large 32x48 in
(80x120 cm)

Product Code:
$ 32.95

United States: $5.95 flat rate
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Canada: $19.95 flat rate
Free on all orders over $99.95 (more)

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