Snow Dog Boots

Neewa Snow Dog Boots (set of 2 boots) are polypropylene and nylon boots for dogs, specially designed to protect the paws and legs while racing.

They are made of a special MULTIGRIP fabric, patented by Neewa, which increases the area of contact with the snow and ice, providing greater grip for the dog.

They are made exclusively with breathable, non-allergenic materials, to ensure absolute comfort for the animal.

The Neewa Dog Boots are perfect for dog sledding, dog trekking, canicross and skijoring, but also to protect the dog’s paws after injury.

MEASURING TIP: We recommend that, in order to choose the best fit, you measure front and hind paws separately. A simple way to do so, is to have the dog step on a sheet of paper and to mark the outline of the paw. Choose the correct size, based on the width of the outline.


Small 2-9/16 in
(65 mm)
Medium 3-2/16 in
(80 mm)
Large 3-9/16 in
(90 mm)
X-Large 3-15/16 in
(100 mm)

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