Cordura Booties (sold individually)

The Neewa Cordura Booties (sold individually) are boots designed for sled dogs for professional use.

Made of high-tenacity nylon, they are designed to ensure extreme durability even over long distances.

They are very easy to put ON / OFF, with their stretch Velcro fastening, they do not risk coming off during a race.

We recommend them for sled dogs and for all activities in the snow.

The Cordura Booties have been designed with the support of Fabrizio Lovati and of the entire Team Dogsledman.

MEASURING TIP: We recommend that, in order to choose the best fit, you measure front and hind paws separately. A simple way to do so, is to have the dog step on a sheet of paper and to mark the outline of the paw. Choose the correct size, based on the width of the outline.


Small 2-10/16 in
(66 mm)
Medium 2-13/16 in
(72 mm)
Large 3-1/16 in
(77 mm)
X-Large 3-7/16 in
(88 mm)

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$ 1.99

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Canada: $19.95 flat rate
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